About Us


LPGA Amateur Golf Association is the largest women’s amateur golf association in the world. The organization maintains 12,000 members in over 100 local chapters. It also hosts more than 7,500 local and national activities every year, including social outings, league play, networking opportunities and competitive amateur events such as the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Championship and LPGA Amateur Golf Association Cup

Through the LPGA Foundation and LPGA Women’s Network, LPGA Amateur Golf Association creates a seamless transition for women looking to go from aspiring player to recreational golfer and serve as an advocate for positive change within the game.  

Join our nearly 180 aspiring, recreational, and competitive women golfers in the Columbus area to get started.  To learn more and join our community, please visit LPGAAmateurs.com or follow us on Facebook.com/LPGAAmateurs, Twitter.com/LPGAAmatuers and Instagram.com/LPGAAmateurs.